Merchant cash Advance Leads

Merchant Cash Advance Leads Live Transfer – Your Key to Success in MCA Business

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Merchant Cash Advance Leads is considered as the key to success in the MCA business. Cash advance is a very fast growing financing solution to the business owners apart from the old banks. Nowadays the traditional banks have stopped financing the small business. So, the US business was in badly needed of a alternative financing. Fortunately, merchant cash advance is available to help the business owners.

Merchant Cash Advance Live Transfer LeadsMerchant Cash Advance Live Transfer Leads
Merchant Cash Advance Live Transfer Leads

It’s true that the merchant cash advance industry is booming right now. But the funders are still facing some hindrance to fund in this industry. The funders are facing mainly to reach the right prospects. For this reason the MCA business owner should hire a merchant cash advance leads generation service provider company.


What is MCA Live Transfer Leads?

There are some ways to generate merchant cash advance leads. Normally these are the ways to generate leads in the industry.

1. Door to Door or Direct Marketing
2. Digital Marketing
3. Live Transfer Leads Generation
MCA live transfer leads is the most popular leads generation method in the industry. It is real time leads generation system. There is a process of merchant cash advance live transfer leads generation system.


Step by Step Merchant Cash Advance Leads Generation:

Step 1: A telemarketing agent from the leads generation company directly approach to the business owner or the decision maker of the business. He offers a small business loan to the owner.


Step 2: If the business owners shows interest about the business loan, the agent asks him some questions. The questions like business experience, gross sale, credit score and bankruptcy etc.

Step 3: The MCA owner gives some qualifying criteria for the loan. If all the answers meet the qualifying criteria, the call is transferred to the MCA owner’s funding manager. Then the MCA owner close the deal.


Step 4: After closing the deal, the leads generator company send the details of the business owner. The details include:


You will receive these Details of the Business Owner

  • First name & Last name
  • Phone Number
  • Email/Fax
  • Company Name
  • Looking Amount
  • Monthly Bank Deposit on Business Account
  • City
  • State
  • Zip



Advantages of Live Transfer Leads from A1 Tech Solutions:


Exclusive and Qualified Leads: We ensure all the live transfer leads we transfer to you are exclusive and qualified. We don’t transfer any unqualified and bad leas to our valuable clients.

Very Cost Effective: If you compare our live transfer leads to other leads generation services, you will see our leads price is very cost effective.

Get Leads During Banking Hours Only: In some leads generation service, there is no fixed time table to generate leads; you will get leads during the banking hours only.

Speak to the Business Owner Only: You will speak to the business owners or the decision maker of the business.

DNC Compliant: All the leads meet the DNC Compliance and TCPA compliance.

Our Qualified MCA Live Transfer Leads to Meet the Following Criteria:


  • Businesses listed here in need of funding within one to two weeks
  • Have minimum 1+ year in business
  • Borrower has an immediate use for the funds
  • Online tracking portal
  • Directly communicate with the business owner/decision maker
  • $10,000 or more a month in monthly bank deposit in business checking account

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